Welcome to The Digital Collective Original

Here's What's Inside The Digital Collective

-An introduction into Digital Marketing

-Perfecting your Mindset

-The Fast Track formula to get you set up the RIGHT way, quickly!

-Detailed modules on finding your niche and branding your business.

-How to create, sell and launch your own digital products

-Email marketing with pre done email templates

-Pre done funnels and email campaigns for subscriber list, current -customers and abandoned carts

-Marketing with Pinterest

-How to automate your business

-Detailed module on the importance of business consistency

-And our exclusive Content Library which includes marketing templates, PLR products and more!



in the program are two mini courses which are also MRR and can be sold separately for 100% profits! These two courses are:

The Social Roadmap

Teaching you the basics of creating your Instagram, profile optimization, in depth course on content strategy, content creation, perfecting captions and hooks as well as selling in stories.

The Faceless Roadmap

Teaching you All of the same amazing components as The Social Roadmap and diving deeper into creating Faceless content as well as creating a Faceless strategy.

We also have a Step 2 Affiliate Course earning you 70% commission on every sale:

The Social Sales Blueprint

This course dives deep into the sales side of things, we will recap Digital marketing and MRR basics and learn more in depth strategies on sales, growth and generating leads!


70% monthly affiliate commission for all customers through the softwareOptional FREE Two Week Trial of the Software, if you choose not to join the software you will not receive affiliate commissions on any of your customers who do decide to join the software.

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